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-  that creates the workplace of the future for unique needs and sustainable organizations 


Yesbox support gives teams, individuals and management the opportunity to digitize and analyze dialogues, activities and goal fulfillment in order to make decisions through the support of data to develop the organization's direction and create growth mindsets 




Webbinarie: Leda på distans motivera el kontrollera?

1Combine personal development with business goals 

2. Ask smart questions in relevant surveys that support teams and business 

3. Note digitally in personal and developmental conversations

4.Act with support in clear priority activities

Yesbox Dialogue

“With YESbox motivating employee conversations online, you can listen, lead and develop. A clear personal process with various opportunities to truly support and lead employees. ”

- Yesbox Pulse 

Vad do you follow up? Why?

Do you know how employees view important issues?

What is the attitude around development, frameworks and opportunities, etc.? 

“When the results based on quarterly or monthly Pulse measurements are discussed in different groups, we can both focus and create better collaboration and commitment. -The support from Yesbox is excellent and the layout is very affordable "


Yesbox Team

"In our fast-moving world, the role of the Team is becoming increasingly important. Not just the individual's performance but the whole team confidence, competence and ability is crucial to creating results.

New team and working groups are started all the time, understanding of skills, values ​​and driving forces makes teams can quickly understand how performance can be improved.


The research foundation in our tools is SCARF from Neuroleadership and Conversational Intelligence:

STARS Build your success

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What is my place in an organization, do I feel that I can contribute?


Do I feel clarity and predictability in my work?


Can I influence anywhere?


Do I experience community and trust?


Are there clear game rules followed by everyone?



We think it is important with commitment and this is completely in line with how YESbox Pulse works, the solution is simple and clear to work with. The collaboration has worked incredibly well. We have kept timetables, we have developed the survey so that it feels more relevant to us and we have been able to choose the parts that are important to us. I would definitely recommend YESbox Pulse as a valuable tool for employee surveys.

Christina Johansson

Head of Communications, Knowit AB with over 2000 employees in the Nordic region

"Working with cards and values ​​in this way has a great power!"


Peter Bolt


YESbox Dialogue work great for us and we are very satisfied. Simple and clear and gives us a very good opportunity for individual follow-up. The tool helps us get employees who take responsibility and their own initiatives. 

Jan Sigurdh

CEO Heldde