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Yesbox an online platform for

commitment and analysis


Understanding each other and creating consensus is extremely important in our stressful world. A consensus where we are completely sure of what we really mean, for example with different expressions.

Spending time on reflection on values, creating consensus on goal images and our focus is unfortunately most important when we have the most to do. We on Yesbox sometimes encounter opinions such as "we know each other so well and talk often, so we do not have to stop and reflect".

But unfortunately it is the case that when we run as fast as possible, then short reconciliations are not enough. This is when the possibility of misunderstandings and challenges with stress is greatest. Digital support with processes that support collaboration, personal development and reflection can, if used correctly, increase insights and thus commitment significantly. An attractive culture is created, which means that the staff stays and potentially new employees become curious.



    I Yesbox platform, personal development is linked to commitment from different parts of the year wheel dialogues, competence development, employee surveys or Work Pulses.

      In addition, having a large part of personnel data in the same place means that different analyzes and "dashboards" create a better overall view and overview.


    Our strength is that we are flexible and passionate about what we do. We want to adapt to your reality and in the phase you are in so that you can get the most out of it Yesbox platform.

    To support your development and implement your solution quickly and easily, we offer you full support for setting up your own digital online platform where you choose the module and scope.

    Our elective modules are implemented together with you and our team, both quickly and easily.

    We take it in step with full support. Read what we got for references

    Rewarding employee and customer surveys

    Yesbox Pulse

    Helps you understand if you have the potential to succeed. Build collaboration and commitment.

    Work Pulse helps you understand and focus better on what is important. For example, to retain employees or develop customers

    - Yesbox provides support as needed

    Read more about employee surveys

    Fun and effective employee talks

    Yesbox Dialogue

    Maybe you need more motivating employee talks online to listen, understand and develop? A process with opportunities to truly support and lead employees.

    (Try a template by clicking on the box below "template development talk")

    Read more about dialogues

    brain-smart hands

    We build everything we do on research and the conditions of the brain.

    goals and plans for teams


    Summarize what to do in

    Yesbox  activities and goals or OKR

    Follow up both the personal development, overall goals and plans for the team and the organization in activity / action plans that are linked to your goals.

    Gather what you need around development in a simple and clear tool

    Are you an organization that:

    • Want to catch early warning signals of stress before it has gone too far
    • Want to know why yours team does not work?
    • Has challenges and does not get everyone to cooperate optimally?
    • Have values ​​that you do not know if they help you and you agree on what your values ​​stand for?
    • Lacks a digital support like framjar order and order and helps you the Work Environment Act?
    • Wants create conditions to succeed in development and implementation?

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    Why do we do employee surveys?

    Why do we do employee surveys?

    Just 10 years ago, the response from management was often: "To understand, control, praise and correct and that we must." Many questions were asked in all areas. Lots of statistical runs were done to try to understand what contributed to a bad ...

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    Goal management

    Goal management

    Setting inspiring goals is a good start, but without control, reality risks changing both priorities and activities and thereby jeopardizing the goals. In the same way, the best management in the world can not compensate for goals that are not perceived to be ...

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    We think that commitment is important and it agrees very well with how Yesbox Pulse works, the solution is simple and clear to work with. The collaboration has worked incredibly well. We have kept schedules, we have developed the survey so that it feels more relevant to us and we have been able to choose the parts that are important to us. I would definitely recommend Yesbox Pulse as a good tool for employee surveys.

    Christina Johansson

    Head of Communications, Knowit AB with over 2000 employees in the Nordic region

    "Working with cards and values ​​in this way has a great power!"


    Peter Bolt

    Chef, SWECO

    Yesbox Conversations work great for us and we are very happy. Simple and clear, and gives us a very good opportunity for individual follow-up. The tool helps us to get employees who take responsibility and their own initiatives. 

    Jan Sigurdh

    CEO Heldde