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In today's rapid development, collaboration is one of the most important competitive advantages. We map your situation quickly and efficiently.

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YESbox Dialogue

“With YESbox Employee Conversation, communication opens up in both directions, which means that the manager & employees meet in a completely different way”



“By asking the right questions, we can create space for dialogue and train employees in self-leadership. Everyone needs to work together to create results."


“We tailor solutions for each customer. Teams and individuals need different amounts of support to succeed. ”

The research behind our tools

SCARF* - a model for success

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What is my place in an organization, do I feel that I can contribute?


Do I feel clarity and security in my work?


Can I influence anywhere?


Do I experience community and trust?


Are there clear rules for everyone?


Lead with EQ and SCARF model

If we, as leaders and employees, are to keep up with the new era, we need dedicated and permissive creative cultures where employees can handle the emotional brain, see opportunities and quickly manage change. Organizations that lack a strategy for this will fall behind.

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How good are you at listening?

Evaluate yourself - how good are you at listening - using eight questions! 👂✨ What does the giraffe in the picture have to do with it? The giraffe is a well-known metaphor for good leadership - the long neck gives the perspective over the situation, the heart that weighs 12 kilos ...

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Team motivation

How to motivate your team for best results! Motivating your team can be a challenge, but with basic knowledge of the brain everything changes. David Rock at the NeuroLeadership Institute believes that if you learn to understand what everyone ...

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We think it is important with commitment and this is completely in line with how YESbox Pulse works, the solution is simple and clear to work with. The collaboration has worked incredibly well. We have kept timetables, we have developed the survey so that it feels more relevant to us and we have been able to choose the parts that are important to us. I would definitely recommend YESbox Pulse as a valuable tool for employee surveys.

Christina Johansson

Head of Communications, Knowit AB with over 2000 employees in the Nordic region

"Working with cards and values ​​in this way has a great power!"

Peter Bolt


YESbox Dialogue works great for us and we are very satisfied. Simple and straightforward, and gives us a very good opportunity for individual follow-ups with a natural connection to the goals. The tool creates a good, relaxed but clear process for the conversations and it is easy to create a good dialogue.

Ann-Sophie Myrefelt

The hotel manager, Radisson Blu Uppsala