YESbox 360

YESbox 360 ° analysis 

develops self-awareness, collaboration,

target focus and relationships

Talk 360-analysis with us

 A 360 ° analysis is often done on conductors to  compare the leader's self-image with his surroundings too to be able to, clarify gaps and support development.

One advantage is if leaders are curious and want to know how others view their own leadership and employeeship.
It can be challenging and It is exciting to experience what colleagues, managers and employees perceive.

We can create development for both the group and the individual.

YESbox 360 Analysis


  • The brain is social. We spend a great deal of time thinking about how we fit into the group
  • We respond strongly to social threats, affecting performance.
  • Individuals and groups develop when we elucidate and dare to talk about different views and preconceived opinions.
  • Create a dialogue that focuses on the positive and the developable.

What do we measure

  • We ask questions about social security and the conditions for commitment and achievement
    •  An index measures STARS - ie status, security, autonomy, relationships and clear rules of the game are developed
  • We complement with goals, cooperation and communication. The questions are also based on the "Communicative leadership" (Mid Sweden University)
  • The goal is for both employees and managers to develop the growth mindset (development interest)


Three areas are in focus (9 questions per area)

That is how it works

In a 360 ° conductor analysis  the leader's self-image is compared to other groups:

  • My own opinion
  • Immediate supervisor
  • colleagues
  • Our team


Examples of graphs:

You get

  • Positive feedback by gathering strong areas in a list
  • Tips on development potential
  • Insight about the biggest gaps, ie the difference between one's own and others' judgment

We end with open answers where everyone can give general feedback.

Questionnaire answered online by manager, colleagues and subordinates
The questionnaire is located approx. 7-10 days

    • Short feedback
    • Result in is database.
    • Feedback to each manager (optional)
    • Workshop (optional)