Being able to have conversations and communicate with other people is the most important intelligence
we have. Without language we would not have been able to learn from each other and have developed together. For an organization, conversations can be the building blocks of a culture that creates great success,
it all depends on the quality of your calls.

The key to success is to understand the dynamics on different conversations so that you can influence the results of the conversation. Then we can shape future relationships in a positive way. Call Intelligence (CIQ) 
focuses on just this, when we have a dialogue
with a colleague, the gap between our realities is reduced. When it happens in the right way in the workplace, the relationships within the organization will be strengthened, partnerships will begin to be built and we will have new energy for growth and transformation. For this to be possible, we need to start with the most important - trust

Companies that communicate in Level 3 create a culture of success
In Level 3, the organization manages to create an environment where communication makes employees feel that they work in a safe environment. They do not feel that others micro-control them or try to make them think in a certain way. In this reliable environment, employees will meet, dare to share, and also listen to others and appreciate the views of others. They will dare ask questions about everything to discover and solve problems together. Here simply creates a space for creative collaboration that leads to shared success and an organization that achieves its goals! 

Dynamics determine how we act on the basis of each call
In a dialogue, the brain reads the dynamics and sends signals to different parts of the brain. Depending on which part is triggered, we will either end up in a resistance position where we feel low confidence or high confidence where we become open to listening and being influenced. These instinctive reactions that occur based on the dynamics of a conversation are divided into three levels:

  • Level 1 is a conversation where we do not experience very low confidence and we end up in defense.
  • Level 2 is a conversation where we feel conditional trust but are happy to defend what we already know. 
  • Level 3 is a conversation where we have high confidence and really dare to start collaborating and exploring together.

You as a leader can start with your meetings to raise C-IQ
C-IQ (conversational intelligence) is like a muscle that needs to be trained. An easy way to exercise on that particular muscle is to start with confidence-building activities at the beginning of various meetings. It creates a safe and reliable environment, a so-called "safe-space" where participants respect and listen to each other. These activities can change the results of your meetings significantly as everyone dares to share their experiences. We feel safe in a non-judgmental environment and become curious about other people's thoughts & ideas and start exploring together.



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