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Why is development talks important?

One of the starting points in development conversations is to make the individual understand what he or she is good at or needs to develop and to find the motivation to move forward.
The dialogue is followed by the parties reflecting and noting the most important reflections.
A successful dialogue is a "win-win" for both parties - there must be opportunities for both to see benefits in what happens or is decided.
Success is also determined by the experience of the dialogue, not only in the measurable activities and goals that are set. The feeling of wanting a dialogue again is at least as important! It should feel fun!

Motivation and value conversations what is it and why?

To be fully motivated, we need to believe in what we do and act according to our own beliefs and values.
If all employees understand their needs, behaviors and assignments, motivation will be a strong force.
If clear goals are also set, we can create fully motivated organizations.
Yesbox dialogues are tools for "professional" personal development (Individual Growth).
We are convinced that in every organization there is a lot to be gained from also seeing the needs of the individual.

Why should you work with competence interviews?

Individuals in organizations need skills (knowledge), competence (be able to use the knowledge in the context) and motivation to be able to perform.

The sum of these abilities is directly related to achieving the company's strategy.
Then competencies are indirectly linked, and then skills (knowledge) that build up competencies are also linked to the strategic goals!

The development of this provides conditions for improving performance, ie to develop employees, develop leadership, hire new people (and skills) and consider organizational changes. Therefore, Competence Profiles can form the framework for the competencies that apply to a certain position and its holders.

Why target calls?

Goals show what you want to achieve. Organizations' strategic goals and DNA (vision, mission, values) give employees a general direction to follow, while the operational goals more clearly describe more concrete parts needed to achieve these goals.
Goals describe why and where we want to be.

For that very reason, it is important to meet around these issues. For example
Current situation: How is it today, in the area you are setting goals for?
Sentence: Why is the goal important to you?
What effect does it have when you reach your goals?

Target figures: Can be both measurable and or experienced. That which gives energy and creates meaning.

Why does the action plan have such a central role in Yesbox tools?

Doing and prioritizing right is central to everyone's success. We believe that it is important to coordinate the individual, team and organization's development and tasks in order to find the right focus.

Yesbox Puls

What is the main purpose of Heart Rate Measurements according to Yesbox?

YESbox Puls is about asking questions in surveys in a more continuous way than employee surveys.
However, it is important to only ask questions about what is important to you, such as culture, work environment, strategy or other focus.
It can be about trust, security and clarity or maybe more about the logical behaviors we want to see.

Yesbox Puls helps you to train and focus correctly by following what is most important.

Reasonably continuous measurements make the dialogue easy to follow up - it becomes current but not too often.
The questions are based on your focus in the organization, ie what is important to you.
Each team / group has access to overall outcomes for the groups to which they belong at the relevant time.

The management can easily analyze at all levels.
Reference values ​​make it easy to compare and understand the numbers.

How can you work with both teams and individuals?

It may seem contradictory to both support individual development and be a tool for teams, but ultimately all teams consist of individuals, with their own personal agendas. The more consistency an organization finds between personal agendas and the team's goals and ways of collaborating, the better the conditions for create value.

Why should different employees have access to different views at different times?

Transparency is important, but sometimes our brain plays a prank on us.
We are naturally curious and perhaps look at other groups' results.

We rather need help with what to focus on and not more choices.

How can the team develop with Heart Rate Measurements?

When you choose to continuously measure how the group feels, for example with the help of STARS, we are reminded of what is important and practice reflecting together.
In this way, we build relationships and support each other.

Since the relationship process (we think about how others think about us) is going on at the same time as the production process (we focus on what we are going to do) it is very important to handle this so that we can perform.

How do we get started?


Online meeting

We discuss your needs. Which are yours main goal? What do you want to achieve? What should your process look like to set goals, hold talks and / or measurements and follow up activities. How can you strengthen and support what you want to achieve.  

Plan overall

Set up a schedule for measurements and / or conversations. Set up responsible for who delivers details about the organization, goals and roles 

Follow up and focus

.Completes measurements and conversations for the entire organization during the period.

Follow up with analysis, discussions and meetings. Set up activities that support the goals in the action plan.


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