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We who work at Yesbox Talent have broad and long experience from many different areas such as leadership, communication, HR, strategy and business development. We love development and can support you in many ways.

Men we also have an effective tool for diagnosing your needs where we combine interviews, surveys and analysis.

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We offer the following consulting services:

Analysis of your employees driving forces

Via Lab Profile


  • Driving force analysis on your employees Read more here)
  • LAB profile has proven time and time again how it strengthens the cohesion of employees and increases commitment, goals & team spirit
  • Through a driving force analysis, employees can understand each other, gain new perspectives and develop together
  • The workshop takes about 3 hours




  • Is it possible to measure and follow up so that we create creativity, collaboration and development?
  • About developing with heart rate measurements (eg with the SCARF model).
  • The value conversation - about creating and training on coaching employee interviews.
  • Competence assessment and feedback. What? How? Why?
  • Working with action plans and goals. -NÖHRA


Choose between:


  • About creating cohesion for real. The goal is to create a feeling about how all employees could go in the same direction.
  •  About our differences. Inspiration about values, cooperation and driving forces
  •  The brain and communication. How to reach our goals!

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