Download our template for a successful employee conversation


The prerequisites for the success of your employee interview lie in asking the right questions. Download our template to have something to start from that gives the dialogue the right focus - and always think through the points below before you conduct an employee interview.

  • The purpose of the employee conversation- What do you want to accomplish? Group level and individual level? 
  • Link the conversation to the company's strategies and goals VWhat are the overall goals? Where should you focus your energy to meet those goals?
  • Asking the right questions- Find out what drives your employees? What is important for him / her? 
  • Competency assessement- What business strategies are present? What skills do you need to follow this strategy? What competences does your employee have that fits in with this? 
  • Development plan- How can you make an action plan that correlates with the employee's goals & strategies for the business? What are your employee's goals? 
  • Follow-up - Summarise the conversation at the end and clarify everything you have gone through!