YESbox Dialogue

 Development talks that motivate

and develops 

One of the starting points in the development conversation is to make the individual understand what he or she is good at or needs to develop and to find the motivation to move forward.

The dialogue is followed by the parties reflects and notes the most important reflections

A successful dialogue is a "win-win" for both parties - there must be opportunities for both to see benefits in what is decided

Success is also determined by the experience of dialogue, not only in the measurable activities and goals set. The feeling of wanting one Dialogue again is at least as important! It should feel fun!


This is how YESbox development calls go

Motivational dialogue

     With the help of digital (and if desired physical) cards based on the employee's motivation or values, the employee interview is quickly guided into what is important. The employee is allowed to choose what is most important and then the leader asks questions based on a coaching and listening process.

Our customers mean that the employee often, thanks to the process, starts to take more own initiatives even in everyday life. The conversation also gives you as a manager an unique understanding of each individual who lead himself and is more motivated on the basis of his unique circumstances. click here if you want to see a brief presentation of the tool.

“It's a little trick to know what the staff is up to and actually know what they are passionate about, to become a good leader. So it's good to listen to them. It is really the cornerstone of the whole development process, in fact. "

Manager at Ikea

Competence dialogue

We work with knowledge (skills) and competencies (demonstrated ability of knowledge) in YESbox Dialog. The purpose is to lead the employee in the right direction. Before the interview, the manager & employee make their preparation and each assessment based on different areas of competence, which are linked to the employee's work role. This enables the manager and the employee to provide suggestions for areas for improvement / development for each individual. 

Activities and templates

When the motivation, skills (knowledge) and competencies are completed, it becomes very easy to develop a development plan for the employee, where motivation and competencies are included. This also takes into account the company's goals and strategies for maximizing the total effect.

Everything is documented digitally in the action plan and can be combined with your own Heart Rate Measurements monthly or weekly calls. This makes it easy to follow up while the material gives you an overview and data throughout the year.

Test YESbox Dialog

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The video below gives a brief insight into how an employee call can go when you use YESbox Calls.