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 Measure how employees feel


Pulse Measurement Survey based upon

Neuro leadership build trust and results  

Anonymous pulse survey measurments with relevant questions creates an understanding of what is important.

Our customers use surveys as a strategy to create the same focus and opportunity, for everyone, to use their talent.

 But we are not logical beings and our answers in the questionnaires are not the whole truth. We are social emotion-controlled beings that need to meet in the dialogue. You can't ask everything. We can't get answers to everything. It is when we use surveys to create dialogues for development and consensus we get results.

YESbox Pulse helps you educate and focus right by picking and following what is most important, which in many cases is about trust, security and clarity. 

We see the key in creating growth mindsets with the help of brain research's well-proven thought model  SCARF  

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This is how we build your measurement together

 You get:


  • Analysis and graphs in a separate database online
  • Visual reports the day after the survey closes
  • Automatically generated comments on all levels
  • Relevant reference values
  • Result level according to eligibility at different times

The tool:



                    Privacy Protected (GDPR)

  • Research-based issues / areas
  • Tailored question areas with customized questions
  • SMS or email sending with reminders


Why YESbox Pulse?


  • We jointly choose the right number and issues that are of high relevance so that the dialogue and measurement results become relevant to act on.
  • We help you with workshops on the results or coach managers and management online in how to work with the results.
  • Continuous measurements make the dialogue easy to follow up - it becomes current.
  • The questions are based on your focus in the organization - what is important to you.
  • Each team / group has access to overall outcomes for the groups to which they belong at the relevant time. 
  • The management can easily analyze at all levels.
  • Reference values ​​make it easy to compare and understand the numbers.

Test YESbox Pulse

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  We help you ask the right questions

With extensive experience and extensive knowledge in research and analysis we can help you all the way
from which questions to ask to how you should act on the results.


For example, focus issues are in these areas:





Goals & follow-up


Systems and processes

Development & support

Activity based office


Work environment questions


Activity based office


Balance / Stress







Key questions


NPS Net Promoter Score 

Organisational strengths

We work with dimensions and research processes that are based on science and recognized 'best practice'. Our employees possess long relevant experience and expertise in research, leadership, coaching and change processes.

Our technical platform offers databases for measurements (facts), dialogue (calls on results) and follow-up (activity / action plan) and has a strong support for multidimensional analysis of results in graphic form. Each organization can with query library and relevant reference values ​​tailor their layout, with support or on your own. Use of tools on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Partnerships and flexibility 
For us, continuous cooperation with the customer is important and changes in needs and activities are met. We offer the support that is needed to enable the customer to keep clear focus on regular measurements during the year in an efficient and simple manner, with supplementary mailings if desired. Our customers' changing needs and feedback and views are an important part of the development of our tools.