With support in digital tools that support new research we create collaboration, development & results


Yesbox wants organizations to understand the power of conversations & employee surveys to create long-term solutions that increase motivation & cohesion in the workplace. 

Our vision is to create profitable organizations in which commitment, talent and power are focused in the same direction

 We offer a platform of services for managers and employees to help them both set and follow up on goals and activities, and then both business goals and personal development goals. Our customers experience that the employee interviews they have with our methodology (value calls) becomes more interesting and developing for both employees and managers. Then we also offer heart rate tests and the actions decided upon in both of these services land in the same activity plan, and these activities can also be related to personal or team goals.

Kicki Molin


Courage and collaboration

 Our customers have time and again proven their courageous leadership. In a world full of lots of choices, we tend to turn to the same solutions. However, we have seen that collaboration and courage create both new solutions and better results.

YESbox services are based on years of research and repetitive evidence to create results. We aim for long-term solutions that require courageous leadership. 

Development and compassion

We humans are emotionally driven and therefore the heart needs to be part of what we do. Our services are built to create a culture that creates compassion and development at all levels of the organization, horizontally & vertically. When our needs are met, we can create wonders! 

Our methods focus on goal motivation and emotions in the right direction.


In order to feel that something is happening, what you do must show results directly in practice.

Then the benefit is proven while you are on the road. We at YESbox often see that our tools show results and make a difference in practice. 

With the help of smart technology and relevant knowledge of behaviors, we can deliver practical, affordable tools that make a difference and create clear results in your business.