Our services create courage, compassion & results


We want organizations to understand the power of employee conversations & employee surveys so that they can easily create long-term solutions that increase motivation & cohesion in the workplace. 

Our vision is to create profitable organizations in which commitment, talent and power are focused in the same direction

Kicki Molin



Our customers have repeatedly proven courageous leadership. In a world full of choices, we have a tendency to turn to the simplest solutions. However, we have seen that in order to have the desired effects on organizational cultures, more than intuitive, simple solutions are needed. YESbox Talent services can seem complex but are based on years of research and repetitive evidence to create results. We aim for long-term solutions that require courageous leadership. 


We humans are emotionally driven and therefore the heart needs to be part of what we do. Our services are built to create a culture that creates compassion at all levels of the organization, horizontally & vertically. When emotions are used in an intelligent way, we can create wonders! Our methods, which are based on modern performance management, create motivation and emotions in the right direction.


In order for you to feel that something happens, what you do must show results directly in practice. Then you prove the benefit while you are on the road. We at YESbox Talent like to see the results make a difference in practice. With the help of smart technology and relevant knowledge of behaviors, we can deliver practical, affordable tools that make a difference and create clear results in your business.