Invest in the most important resource - The employees

Pricing YESbox Talent tools

YESbox Dialogue 

YESbox Pulse

YESbox Consulting

25-41 SEK (swedish kr)

per employee / month *

What you get:

  • Materials that make it easy to conduct smart employee interviews (value cards, instructions, competence assessment, individual action plans, automatic reminder mailings, etc.) 
  • Access to digital tool for easy follow-up and feedback 
  • A scientifically proven method based on neuro-research 
  • Insights and deeper understanding of your employees' values 
  • Support from our experienced team who are passionate about organisational matters

* Depending on size of organization and number of employees. Minimum ten employees.


25-41 SEK (swedish kr)

 per employee / month *

What you get:

  • An employee survey that has proven to increase creativity and collaboration based on brain research
  • Results that enable smart analysis for management
  • Industry reference values
  • Support from our internal team that helps to tailor an annual plan structure
  • Online analyzes with comments and advice 
  • Authorization-driven presentation of results and recommendations for follow-up
  • Tech Support 

* Depending on size of organization and number of employees. Minimum fifteen employees. 



One-time Services

We offer:

  • YESbox Talents tailor made 360 degree analysis: SEK 3000 / manager + feedback SEK 1500 / manager 
  • Coaching 2000kr / hour


 * If you wish something beyond this contact us!