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We think it is important with commitment and this is completely in line with how YESbox Pulse works, the solution is simple and clear to work with. The collaboration has worked incredibly well. We have kept timetables, we have developed the survey so that it feels more relevant to us and we have been able to choose the parts that are important to us. I would definitely recommend YESbox Pulse as a valuable tool for employee surveys.

Christina Johansson

Head of Communications, Knowit AB with over 2000 employees in the Nordic region

Thanks to YESbox Talent, I managed to get brand new conversations with my co-workers. Employees who did not want to go on employee interviews, or who wondered if we were not ready in the middle of the conversation, suddenly began to engage in dialogue in a whole new way. We can continue to work with the organization's values ​​and I can be clear that I want to understand both my employees while setting frameworks and showing a clear path. I really recommend YESbox Calls.

Erik Berglind

Chef, Service Gästrikland, region Gävleborg

I received tips from a colleague who worked with YESbox Conversation at another workplace and thought it was good. It would be a more open conversation instead of completed questions. A good here and now discussion basis. At first I was skeptical. It sounded a bit flaky.

There were questions to start from but were more coaching and as a manager you could compare your group's answers. But the conversation should be controlled more by the individual. At first I was not completely excited about the idea. But I met YESbox and became very interested. This was so much better.
It was easier to use as a new manager and if you have been a manager for a long time, it is sometimes difficult to ask new questions and find new angles based on the individual and the situation that prevails here and now. It became employee conversations for the individual more indirectly for the manager and in fact also for the company. It will be more inspiring for both.
It was fun to do it as an employee. It was more interesting. 
It has been easy to get new managers into it. Easy for a manager to take over what was said in the conversation with the manager before. Or a person who has had two managers, it also works to use it that way, it is a flexible and an adaptable tool.

YESbox Calls work very well with our values-driven culture.

Eva Pettersson

former HR manager, SSM

"There is another commitment now. The employees' views are clear and the best part is that it comes from the employees, not from the manager. There is a dialogue instead of a presentation. ”

Jan Sigurdh

VD, Poured

"Working with cards and values ​​in this way has a great power!"

Peter Bolt


YESbox Dialogue works great for us and we are very satisfied. Simple and straightforward, and gives us a very good opportunity for individual follow-ups with a natural connection to the goals. The tool creates a good, relaxed but clear process for the conversations and it is easy to create a good dialogue.

Cecilia Wingård

Hotel manager, Såstaholm hotel & conference Stockholm