A thinking model proven to increase organisational performance - for maximum results


The SCARF model is a thinking tool that makes you aware of the factors that are important to get all employees to perform. Commitment is built throughout the organization by constantly honing your emotional capital. On the other hand, we have simplified and Swedishized the words. When we use STARS, it becomes easier to remember.  Download our pdf to get a crash course within STARS.

  • Status - how do I rank in the organization, do I feel that I can contribute?
  • Transparancy - creates security. Uncertainty and change create the opposite
  • Autonomy - is about individual independence and control
  • Relations - a context in which I experience community and trust
  • Standards - balance is created through the experience of being treated fairly

How do we use STARS in our tools?

We at YESbox talent help you build stars,
Take a look at the video to get an insight into how we work with the model!