We are in a chaotic era right now, many who work from home either have too much to do or need many difficult conversations. To meet this new challenge we need to get
new insights
about ourselves so that we can build strong partnerships for the future.

What distinguishes successful leaders and employees?
We and several researchers with us believe that these are the abilities we have in self-awareness, self-leadership, empathy, motivation
and social skills.
It is also described as EQ or emotional intelligence. (This is where the computers find it difficult to compete.)

A high EQ means that you have a good self-knowledge and also have easy to understand other people's feelings and values.
It makes you a leader who can both handle difficult situations and create real commitment.
A prerequisite for success in the new world we now face.

When leading with EQ
Then it is about making employees feel inspired and doing their best. You can do this when you understand the colleagues' experiences and values. This way you know how to respond to them in order to lead them correctly and motivate them! You mediate self-leadership where everyone feels they can tap into their creativity and expertise! Leading with EQ also makes you skilled at creating good communication which means that group work flows on and collaboration between everyone increases. Everyone feels involved and heard, and with your understanding and flexibility, your employees are open to listening to both your and each other's ideas about change and development.

EQ consists of five important components
EQ helps us manage the relationship process that is the basis for trust, security and creativity. Then you can accomplish and do the right things.

How about yours:

Self-insight - You recognize and understand your mood, your emotions and your drive and how it has an effect on others.
Self-regulation - The ability to regulate your mood and your impulses that disturb and destroy relationships. You think first and then act.
Empathy - The ability to understand & understand others' experiences. You treat others in line with their emotional state.
Motivation - The ability to push towards goals with energy & endurance. You work passionately for things that extend beyond money & status.
Social skills - Ability to manage relationships and build networks. You find common interests and create closeness.

EQ helps you manage this and other challenging periods
Using your high EQ you better understand how to respond to your employees' concerns and their experiences. Creating a strong confidence in the organization makes it easier to gain acceptance for the changes you need to go through. Relationships become stronger as you familiarize yourself with your employees' situation and know how to deal with it. Most importantly, you will know how to motivate them where you continue to inspire and encourage their creativity and commitment despite the prevailing situation!


However, our EQ is not something that comes naturally but it needs to be trained, developed and built up. That's why we're here to educate
and coach you.
Why not learn more about EQ, STARS and our social brain in an online education for 5-10 weeks:

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