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In our fast-moving world, the role of the Team is becoming increasingly important. Not just the individual's performance but the whole team confidence, competence and ability in relation to each other is crucial to the team's performance.

New team and work groups are started all the time, actually as soon as an individual is added or disappeared. A deep understanding of values ​​and driving forces makes the team can quickly maximize its performance.

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What distinguishes successful and innovative teams?

The Internet company Google's HR department Google's People Operations carried out a multi-year internal research project that would show what distinguished successful and innovative teams. They found that two factors in particular served as common denominators among the 180 teams included in the study:

1. Everyone is allowed to contribute

Efficient and innovative groups give everyone in the team space. Quiet as well as talkative, slow and fast - everyone needs to have a say. Everyone's ideas and input require respect and understanding from the whole group. What does it look like in your team? You get insight into that through YESbox powertrain analysis LAB Profile which shows similarities and differences between individuals.

The graph here, from LAB Profile, shows a group's behaviors and characteristics as opposite pairs. This group has a great need for feedback, is very prone to change, team-oriented and full of generalists. How can the team make sure to give each other feedback, keep what is good, dare to make their own decisions and even work with details? The important thing is to manage the group's efficiency and ability to work together. -It is also effective to get different characteristics and views involved to make the best decisions. Diversity and dissent create the best teams if individuals understand each other!


2. Psychological security


The second crucial, and probably most important, factor is psychological security that is linked to human values ​​or truths. With us you can measure it in the SCARF model or by working with the group's values. Build your STARS



Fastest way to better team collaboration?

    • Analysis of the group's values  

      A driving force analysis around psychological security or communicative driving forces

    360 degree analysis on how we perceive each other

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