Kicki Molin

Som fd statisticians and elite swimmers, she loves the combination of research, numbers and psychology. Hard continuous work gives results, but we must never forget the important reflection.

She has 20 years of experience in research and leadership from her career as a statistician, project manager, sales director and CEO. During the 2000s she was trained in the behavioral sciences field to NLP Master, Conversational IQ Coach, diploma workshop leader, Sports Performance Coach, DiSC and LAB Profile Trainer.

Work Motto:
"Future organisations are not built by talented individuals but by companies who allow their employees to thrive as their best version of themselves. ”

Gunnar von Koch

“Has worked with development projects in strategy, finance, quality and the last 15 years in HR at Swedish multinational companies.

His conviction is that there is always a better and smarter way to work, and that IT solutions play a central role in realizing this. The HR function has proven to be in great need of this approach.

In today's knowledge society, he wants to continue to support companies, managers and not least employees to be even more informed about what human capital they possess.

Use business dimensions to set goals, competence requirements and capacity - more sustainable!

Improve the strategic thinking of middle managers to continuously fine-tune their organization

Forming a team will be a key feature - having the tools to do well is a strategic advantage

Agneta Nilsson

Agneta's focus is to find and implement the methods, tools and working methods that suit the business and best meet the current challenge. She has a Bachelor in Science of Economics with extensive experience of her own leadership and change management, certified coach ICC, diploma mentor and NLP practitioner.

Tutor trained in YESbox and other well-chosen tools because:

Organizations that succeed in creating the right conditions for employees in change not only get a business that feels good but also one that performs and delivers what is required. It is about increasing commitment and participation throughout the business. This requires clarity about assignments and common goals. For the individual, it is often about insight into one's own and others' driving forces and needs.

"The right tools make the big difference."

Åsa Inde

Åsa has a background in healthcare and care. She is the co-founder of a number of healthcare companies - among others Frösunda Omsorg AB and Team Olivia AB - and has worked with organizational development in both the small start-up company and the larger groups.

Åsa is a trained physiotherapist and certified human resources manager and has studied a number of university courses in economics and law and social law. To develop businesses together with customers and employees is an important recipe for success.

"It takes both knowledge and feeling to succeed".

Lotta Strindberg

Lotta is a certified coach with a strong passion for communication, leadership development and change management.

As a former media manager she realized that she was meant to do something else in her life and got an education in meta communication and change management. With the value words joy, security and simplicity as a compass, she creates structure and new paths for communication.

Work motto:
"The only thing you can be sure of is that everything changes. Find the approach that will make you successful and sustainable! ”

Eva Hamboldt

Eva has over 20 years of experience working on change and development processes at individual, group and organizational levels in both global business and the public sector.

Eva also works with communication, leadership and employee issues and has several degrees such as Communication Science and a Masters in Neuroscience at NeuroLeadership Institute in NY. On this basis, she has created a concept called 'Neuroleadership in practice' - where she offers consulting services, training, lectures and coaching from a neuroscientific perspective on leadership and organizational development. 


Marie Svedberg

Marie is a behavioral scientist and has throughout her professional life worked in the business sector at various managerial positions and has worked on both small family businesses and major international organizations.

Effective communication is Marie's point of departure and the aim is to clarify and combine the individual's motivational forces with the organisation's requirements and needs - for best results.
Special areas include counseling and coaching at individual and group level, as well as teams and leadership development at different organizational levels. Her driving force is to continually see opportunities for change and help people succeed.

Anna Hallencreuz

Anna is a behavioral scientist with long experience of change work in both private and public activities. Special areas are primarily corporate culture and values, leadership and career development. Anna is driven by the desire for her work, she always assumes a positive basic view and to find the ability of each individual and group to develop.

She is a certified coach (International Coaching Community, ICC) and often works a lot with YESbox Talents tools: YESbox Pulse and YesBox LAB profile, to identify what creates employee motivation and find out which obstacles are reducing production.

"Find out the facts, help managers develop effective action plans and follow up on results."


Johan Fredlund

Johan has a passion for the IT and Technology sector and what makes teams perform and thrive in a rapidly changing world. He is a certified Team Coach and brings with him a wealth of experience from the IT industry as Project Manager, Business Developer, Head of Department and Education Consultant.

Johan has always been interested in psychology and what drives people, he prefers to stay in the borderland between business and man. He is particularly fascinated by how social psychology and Neuroscience can help support organizations and will be certified in NeuroLeadership in the spring of 2020.

“There is nothing as practical as a good theory. YesBox Talent's offering and the SCARF model are as cut and cut for the IT industry I focus on. Rapid changes and new constellations place great demands on useful models. "

Eva Eliasson

Eva has solid experience of process management, training and coaching leaders, management groups and teams. She is passionate about implementing lasting behavioral changes in line with the direction and goals of the business.

The road to work with culture and leadership development has gone from roles as marketing manager and agency strategist to change leader, which has given Eva the opportunity to work with a wide range of industries, companies and businesses. She has a college degree in both natural sciences and economics, supplemented by coach certification and education in social psychology, personal and present leadership. In addition, many years of studies and practical implementation of experience-based pedagogy, EQ training and NLP.

“Imagine what a difference it is now when we came to the meeting and it was so bleak. Now it feels so hopeful and it is a lot of joy ” says one of Eva's participants in a management team team exercise.

Peter Moberg

Peter Moberg is the consultant who easily explains, creates structures and is often perceived as an enticing workshop leader.

Peter has during the past 20 years more enthusiasm consulted, analyzed and developed organizations, groups and leaders. Peter's way of working leads to awareness, knowledge and forward thinking. 

Peter has a leadership background from sales, market, business education and communication. <br>

"Everything becomes clearer and easier with Peter as facilitator".

Andris Zvejnieks

Andris has for more than 30 years developed working methods and put up communication that brings along the entire organization on the journey towards desired results, increased customer satisfaction and improved profitability. Since 1994, the role has been communication manager, in LFV Arlanda, IBM Sweden, SAS Sweden and Systembolaget.

Andris has an extended bachelor degree from Uppsala University, with political science, news evaluation and information as a focus. He has deepened his knowledge in communication and leadership through the Information Society and the School's Communication Executive Program (CEP) as well as courses from among others the IFL and the M-group. Andris is LAB Profile® Practitioner and INLPTA Certified Business Practitioner. He is also a trained supervisor in the Synergy method®. Andris teaches himself at Berghs School of Communication, where he is a course leader for the Executive Communication Management program.

Carina Vinberg

Carina helps others succeed by building trust!
With knowledge of the plasticity of the brain and the latest brain research, she trains, trains and coaches individuals and groups.

With powerful tools, openness and communication are increased, especially around values ​​and strengths. It contributes to trusting cultures with greater well-being, better cooperation and achievement. We as employees are biological systems with functions and needs to understand and relate to. Carina is the ICF Diploma Coach and communicologist, who walks the talk and works on exciting projects including in Svalbard and Chamonix.

"With Holiness for Sustainability as my motto, I take into account that we are human, even at work."

Agneta Lundgren

Fast Track to Confidence!
Agneta uses the latest brain research to help train, train and coach individuals and groups in leadership, collaboration and communication. 

With powerful tools, we increase security and confidence in the corporate culture with openness and communication, especially around values ​​and strengths. And it contributes to greater well-being, better cooperation and performance. Agneta is the ICF Accociated Certified Coach and communicator with one leg in sports as an elite bowler.

"We need to take greater account of the fact that we humans are biological systems with functions and needs to understand and relate to."

Lasse Frisk

Lasse Frisk has over 30 years of experience as an educator and consultant in Leadership and personal development. Lasse has both worked in the private business world as head of education for 20 years and is currently active as a consultant and board member.

One of Lasse's recurring assignments is "Course for new managers" under the auspices of the magazine Chefs. Lasse has a rich and varied toolbox to use in his special areas of Education, Leadership, Coaching and Practical Pedagogy.

What Lasse is passionate about is working with groups and individuals to increase the level of competence and create enthusiasm, commitment and participation. In addition to several leadership training courses, he is certified by Metoda Konsulter and a certified coach according to ICF.

Hanna Plymouth

Hanna who is our representative in West Sweden helps people and companies grow. With a solid foundation in everything from technology and science to behavioral changes, in different educations and companies, Hanna helps people and organizations to develop. In the interaction between the individual and the business so very exciting happens and it is also where we find a common future with our customers.

 As a certified integrative coach and with a variety of other education and experience in the baggage, Hanna helps organizations to create growth based on the various meetings, internal and external.

<strong>Work motto:</strong><br> “In order for companies to develop, people in the companies must develop. Solutions should benefit both the individual and the company. There is a tremendous potential with this type of work and this is where my job becomes really fun! "

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