We enable organizations to grow in a sustainable way

 YESbox Pulse and YESbox Dialogue build growth through commitment both in short and long term. 

 The most important competitive advantage of organizations is emotional commitment to goals and assignments when:

  • It is basically impossible to copy the commitment.
  • Commitment creates profitability, loyal customers and efficient employees.

 Commitment must be driven by management and is not a short-term project but a work that requires deep knowledge and must be followed up at all times.

YESbox Dialogue

Understand and lead your employees in the right direction

YESbox Dialogue is the tool that creates a good dialogue between manager & employee. It is a mixture of a physical game with value cards and a digital tool. The cards used during the employee interview are based on values ​​and help with competencies, goals & action plan.

YESbox Pulse

Understand and train your employees at group level!

YESbox Pulse is the tool that educates, creates dialogue and focus. By continuously showing focus, sharing analysis and creating dialogue, you increase your interest in development. YESbox Pulse makes it easy to set the focus you want and need for the entire organization at the right time.


YESbox Consulting

Tailored solutions 

Yesbox Consultants wants organizations to reach their full potential. Therefore, in addition to Yesbox Puls & Yesbox Samtal, we offer services that are there for your organization to increase motivation and commitment. Our methods are based on the latest brain research, based on neuro-leadership.