RethinkHR gangOn Tuesday, March 22, RethinkHR ran its first conference on the theme of Star Wars - how we in the digital world can reach, recruit and manage talent.
We at YESbox Talent were sponsors and met many interested HR enthusiasts with open minds to embrace the new digital challenges of the time.
There were many interesting lecturers who shared their experiences of adapting to an increasingly digital world. Among other things, we gained insight into Google's unique recruitment process, how TV4 works with commitment, how they got control of their goal process at Björn Borg and how Boliden focused on leadership.
Everyone agrees that we need to adapt to a reality that we may not even be able to imagine today with the assumption that digital development is progressing so fast.
In this changing world, it is important to understand that there are people whose needs need to be met and it is still one of HR's most important jobs to get people to feel good and develop in parallel with the digital development.
We at Yesbox Talents' vision have a vision to be part of creating the world's best workplace and we do this through the world's best employees who understand how to navigate into the future. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about how we work!